Which is the Best HCG Drops to Buy?

This question is thrown around online. No one is sure yet. The reason, most reviews are skewed. They are either affiliate or ignorant.

But I think I can handle this issue.

However, keep in mind that there is no single answer. Why is that so? Simply because the best HCG drops depends upon various factors.

The Price:

As humans we tend to choose The cheapest without compromising on quality. If I said there is a bottle of hcg drops selling for $100 and the same quality of HCG drop is selling for $50, which will you choose? Of course the latter. Hence, we need to find HCG drops which are cheap yet not compromising the quality.

The Ingredient:

Another factor to consider while deciding on the best HCG drops, we need to consider the ingredient. HCG drops ingredient are split into two. One is Pharmaceutical quaity (nothing but HCG) the second is Homeopathy.

I always wonder why on earth one needs a homeopathic HCG drop? See, I don’t mean to discredit homeopathic medicine. But The HCG drops must contain HCG. And homeopathic HCG drops do not contain even a single drop (though this can be debated).

Now there is a third kind of HCG drops coming into the market. It is called No hormone HCG drop. The marketers of this kind of HCG drop say it is meant for anyone who is allergic to HCG and yet can retain all the benefits of using HCG. To tell you the truth I have no idea on this matter.

Therefore, in short we shall consider only HCG drops of pharmaceutical grades as best HCG drops.

Manufacturing, Shipping and Customer service:

Finally, for a HCG drops to be considered as best one must consider the manufacturing facility, shipping cost and customer service. You need a HCG manufactured in FDA approved facility. It should also adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Some other factors which can be taken into account are the usability, bottle color etc.

Therefore, taking all the above factors, I can surely say that HCG triumph is the best. And if you think its pricey then consider HCG complex.

And if you don’t mind paying hefty sum for some doctor consultation and online support then NuImage Medical is the ideal choice.