Phases of HCG Diet

The HCG diet is designed for healthy and effortless weight loss. HCG diet is unique because it allows users to lose stubborn pounds of fat painlessly by mobilizing lipids in the body. The diet is also effective because it works extremely fast and hence you lose weight fast. There are different phases of HCG diet and every phase has steps that when combined with the intake of HCG results in a speedy weight loss. These different phases of HCG diet phases are conventional and followed by anyone using the diet but in some cases the phases can be modified to fit patient needs.

The first phase is the detoxification or cleansing phase. It is not mandatory and is usually overlooked but it is a very important phase whether you have used the HCG diet before or not. It involves taking up of high fat and caloric content and also taking the HCG diet for about three days. This phase is critical for the success of the HCG diet because it cleanses the body by mobilizing fats and these mobilized fats result in quick weight loss. During this phase you must ensure that your HCG intake is regular or consistent until your body is cleansed or detoxed.

The second phase is the most challenging and the HCG intake phase. This phase is challenging because it requires a user to take up a lot of physical foods or calories. You need to load up your system with a lot of calories or fats so that the body can use up the loaded up fats first before HCG can start taking effect working on the excess fat deposits. The phase is also challenging because you must stock to a strict diet that is designed for you by a HCG expert. Sticking to such a strict diet is very hard for so many people and in some instances some foods are expensive or hard to find.

The third phase is the maintaining phase and not for losing weight. This is the phase where you maintain your weight by sticking to a strict diet that has no starch or sugar for almost a month. In this phase you must watch what you eat, weigh yourself on a daily basis to ensure you maintain your weight or stick within a 2 pound above or beyond limit. This phase is also challenging because avoiding sugary or starchy foods is not easy.

The last phase is the most favorite phase of all HCG diet users. It is called the rest or rest of your life phase. This is the phase where your body and appetite are normalized and everything returns to normal. Your caloric intake returns to normal but with high intake of low sugar and starchy foods. This phase is also very important because it will determine whether you maintain your weight or you gain weight. Discipline is important in this phase because it will help you stay loyal to a strict diet which is very hard especially with so many processed foods that are convenient. These different phases of HCG diet can be modified to fit your needs if necessary.18