What is HCG Diet

The world has been on the craze for the newly rediscovered HCG diet that has been thronging the market. With most of the talks dealing with if it works or not, many are yet to define what the HCG diet is all about. However before one has to define HCG itself in all aspects:

What is HCG?

HCG is an acronym standing for Human Chorionic Gonodotrophin, This is a hormone that is naturally produced within the placenta of a pregnant woman. Its major function in a pregnant woman is to control metabolism functions completely from conception to birth. In addition HCG is also found in normal men and women having the same function which is to aid in metabolism, even though it is found to be in lower quantities.

HCG is usually manufactured in laboratories by use of sterile cells, even though it is usually believed to be from the urine of a pregnant woman. Theoretically this should be possible. This can be done by collection of urine from the pregnant woman daily and then it should be changed into powder form. To make it fit for human consumption bacteriostatic should be added to it to kill the unwanted germs and a preservative then added.

What is HCG diet?

HCG diet is a protocol that works with the use of HCG hormone in connection with an extremely low calorie diet. The HCG which can be taken by use of drops that is orally twice a day of by use of an injection once. When you are on the HCG diet you have the abilities of losing 1 to 3 pounds every day. This way you get to get rid of all the unwanted fat in the body leading to fast weight lose.

Calorie intake

Another thing that constitutes in making a HCG diet, this is the calorie intake to make the diet complete. The HCG diet basically functions if you remain in a very low calorie restriction regime; this is where you only take 500 calories in a given day. This is shown to work as the body uses all the calories it has been storing up for years which are in the thousands.. The body releases the fat cells your body has been storing directly into your blood stream using all its reserves as with a 500 calorie diet you are barely eating, thus leading to you losing weight.

What studies show?
Having seen the advertisers perspective on what the HCG diet is, studies done show a considerably different side. Advertisers always go for the public’s image purporting that once you are in the diet the hormone taken targets your, upper arms, mid-section area and the thighs. However studies thoroughly done have showed that the HCG taken in the body does not promote your body to lose weight other than the simple reason you are in a diet that consists of you barely eating anything.

Side effects

Considering what the HCG diet is, it won’t be complete without looking at the side effects. As most diets HCG diet has some major side effects to your body. Once you start you will likely be more irritable and restless, this is usually blamed on the fact that you have not taken enough calories for your body thus taking a toll on your mood swings. In addition you are subjected to fluid buildup and fatigue all though out the process. In severe cases you may suffer from blood clots, making some of your major arteries clog which in worst case scenarios may lead to death.